My Services

Dog Walking

Have you or I ever known a dog that doesn't want to go for a walk? Okay, maybe if the weather isn't holding up. I love being outside and I'll bet your dogs favorite chew bone he does too! Whether it is 1, 2 or 3 times a day I am here for you and your best friend. I'll stop by and take her for some good neighborhood sniffs, potty relieves, and healthy exercise. Walking pace is set by your dog. My seniors love this!

Cat & Dog Sitting

Your cat's and dog's are special and I understand just how much you want them to be comfortable and anxiety free during your separation. I'll come to your home and care for them by spending time, walking, feeding, playing, tending to their individual needs, and maintaining their normal home life.

Critter Care

Wondering what to do with your beautiful bird or pet guinea pig or maybe your bunny while away? Do you own fish or lizards? Well fret no more friends, I'd be happy to help! With two boys growing up in the family, I have experience caring for small pets.

Who is The Owner

I am a former 20 year corporate Sales Executive, who served mainly in the telecom Yellow Page divisions; the days when phone books were thick and came in handy for booster seats. I have 2 beautiful grown sons, 2 awesome dogs, and 2 parakeets. We reside in Pitman, NJ.

The past several years have brought various life altering challenges. Experiences that have led to the examination of my life; the journey of seeking answers to profound life questions, the whys.. the whats.

In the midst of working on finding patience and managing stress, I realized changes had to be made. It became necessary "to slow down", and appreciate the present moment of which I'm living and do what will bring me happiness. Hence, the creation of Dingo Walker. I love animals, all kinds! At a young age, through the teachings of an admired wise soul, a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and life was instilled.

I find joy in caring for pets and living things. It's no secret, an animals love is unfounded. What better way to spend my working time than to be with and care for those I love.

Pet Sitting Overnight

In Your Home: You know your pet(s) better than anyone. If you're reading This, boarding your dog or cat in a strange, noisy and generally crowded facility is probably not for you. Whether you are going away for a week or a day, the dilemma of what to do with your pet can easily be solved by keeping your loved one in the comfort of his/her own home. My business is dedicated to providing quality emotional health, comfort and companionship to your precious family member. If my spending the night in your home will help to provide this, I am happy to do so!